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5 Questions To Ask Your Carpet Cleaning Firm

You’ve finally had enough of the sight and smell of your carpet and it’s time to call in a professional. But who to ask?

Although cheap prices and deals may lure you in at first, many companies focus on profits first and their so called ‘quality technicians’ often don’t know a vacuum hose from a hose pipe.

How do you gauge the quality and seriousness of the businesses advertising themselves as professional carpet cleaners?

You wouldn’t normally let anyone into your home without doing your research or knowing what you’re letting yourself in for.

So it’s important to know what questions to ask and why if you are considering protecting or cleaning your carpets through the use of a carpet cleaning company.


1. Do you use a van-mounted system?

Some cleaning companies out there aren’t using anything more powerful than a domestic vacuum cleaner.

What’s the point in that?

You want the best for you and your family, so don’t settle for inferior goods and services.

2. Can you provide testimonials / references from your clients?

Where there is good work, good reviews will follow and we have a healthy collection of testimonials from our satisfied customers over the years.

If you speak to a company with no testimonials or online reviews, this should be a warning sign.

Walk away NOW from the unscrupulous rogue traders out there!

3. Do you offer written estimates?

Some cleaning companies are in the habit of a nasty trick called ‘bait and switch’, advertising cheap prices then switching and inflating the price drastically while in your home.

Our customers tend to stick with us long-term and we’ll always provide written estimates to customers who prefer them.

We want our customers to be happy with the service and come back to us again.  You choose your clean and the package and YOU know what’s best for your home.

After all, you’re the expert!

4. What cleaning products do you use?

You need to have peace of mind and confidence not only in us but also in the products we use.

They should use , breathable, non-toxic fluids like ‘pro-chem’ cleaning products.  They should target each area/surface with a specific product to ensure the right product is matched to the right material.

Woolsafe-approved products as well as specialist anti-allergy, anti-stain, anti-dust mite, stain-protecting cleaning products can also be used, depending on your needs.

5.  Are your technicians insured / certified?

Rogue technicians with the right tools and equipment seldom cover themselves with the right insurance.

Yet improper use of the chemicals on your carpets can potentially ruin them if not used the right way, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Ask to see insurance proof and check which bodies your cleaning operatives are registered with.  Quality matters, every single time.

‘Buy cheap’ at your peril

As my Mother always said, forewarned is forearmed. Asking just a few of the questions above ensures that you are seen as a serious customer who knows what they want and won’t get taken for a ride.

You are also less likely to end up with your wallet cleaned out by unscrupulous cowboys posing as ‘professionals’.  Don’t send these fools on a professional job.  You and your home deserve so much more.

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PS:   I’m currently offering a free health check for your carpet so I can help you identify the right package for you… complete with a full estimate and guarantee.  No quibbles, no questions.

PPS. Pure Clean uses ‘pro-chem’ products to help us provide a professional clean and we think you’ll like the results. Now you know what questions to ask, why don’t you give us a whirl?

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