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A Gallery Of Grossness: The Household Enemies Out To Make You Sick (And Where To Find Them)

Have you seen these beasts? Of course you haven’t – most are invisible to the naked eye. And yet, while most are a mere nuisance, some can have some pretty harmful and worrying side effects for house dwellers sharing a living space with them.

You are a giant moulting specimen

Your house is basically one gigantic bug hotel. Every room hosts it’s own veritable smorgasbord of dead skin and hair, crumbs and other delicacies, acting as an endless meal ticket for unwelcome little critters.

Even the bravest and most powerful of hoovers can’t completely rid a room of most bugs and mites.

Worse still, in bad cases – they can be an allergy trigger and a source of sickness. Here’s just a few typical fellas lurking around your gaff. We dare you to read this list without scratching at least once (sorry!).

Stop your carpet becoming a complete bug jungle

We don’t fumigate or de-flea properties,  but we CAN provide a service that deep cleans, protects and prevents bug jungles from forming.

Having pets increases the potential for dirt and parasites to set up home in the grain of your carpet, but frequent carpet cleaning will help limit these potential contaminants and pollutants from becoming harmful.

Blitz the beasts and free your mind of clutter

How would you feel if I pointed out that every year in the average UK household, more than 11 lbs of dead human skin is shed from our bodies, depositing itself in various spots around your house.

Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?! That’s the same weight as a miniature schnauzer of cavalier king charles – that’s one uninvited pet you really don’t want hanging around.

In other cases, the type of carpet you have, moisture and dampness levels, heating sources and ventilation can all play a part in the types of bugs and critters that you’ll find hanging around the house.

Not only that, but living in a space that doesn’t FEEL clean can often make you depressed and anxious. Having your carpets/upholstery cleaned not only SMELLS cleaner, but it actually feels like a weight being lifted from your shoulders.


  1. Dust mites

Who says good things come in small packages? Dust mites may only be a quarter of a millimeter long, but they simply adore human scales and thrive in damp, warm environments. They love nothing more than nestling in carpets, soft furnishings and clothing.  Asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis are often commonly associated with house dust mite allergy. For these sufferers, it is actually the faeces and body parts of the mites causing the reaction (we know – charming!).

  1. Carpet / fur beetles

Yea yea, we know your Mum told you that The Beatles are the best thing to come of the sixties, but THESE guys are not quite as appealing as John, Paul, George and Ringo, sadly.   Females lay between 20 and 100 eggs in spring and early summer on furs, wool and natural fibres. These then hatch, becoming hairy, brown larvae. These are the little guys that cause damage to natural fibres. You can also sometimes find them on windowsills and they are attracted to birds nests, so check your attic and exterior space.

  1. Common clothes moths

They might be harmless, but they can still cause damage because their larvae gets into materials, textiles and stored products.  Plus – mothballs can be potentially toxic and harmful to kids (they are even banned in some countries) so use with caution and ventilate well.

  1. Silverfish

If you’ve ever seen mysterious little darting creatures on the floor when you turn on the light in the bathroom, these may be nocturnal silverfish. They like damp, moist areas of the house and feed on moulds and starchy foods. They lay between 1-3 eggs a day and molt up to 50 times a day, leaving yellowish stains on fabrics. Dehumidifying, sealing gaps in walls and floors and vacuuming can help.

  1. Bed bugs

The size of an apple seed but with the ability to cause chaos in the bedroom (and not in a nice way), these guys are a rising problem in the UK, especially in densely populated areas.   Although difficult to spot an infestation at first, it’ll soon become noticeable in the bed frames, mattresses and linens.  They come out at night to feed on your blood and you may noitice balck flecks on your sheets (this is the poo from the bugs).

If you’re a bit of a bug freak and interested to know just how many other bugs and critters you can find in the average home, this study of American homes will have you itching and scratching for weeks.

How can you eliminate the risks and stop parasites and dust mites ruining your carpets and upholstery, though?

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